Sam Worthington plays a paraplegic marine sent to the planet Pandora, where there are valuable mineral deposits.

Scientist Sigourney Weaver is battling with gung-ho army colonel Stephen Lang and company man Giovanni Ribisi over how to deal with Zoë Saldana’s race of tall, skinny blue folk with big eyes. And it’s not long before Worthington is falling for Saldana and wondering which side he should be fighting…

Deploying astounding, Oscar-winning, state-of-the-art visual effects, director James Cameron realises a long-held dream with this stonking blockbuster and delivers a marvellous spectacle.

The human interest side of the story sometimes gets lost in all the pounding action, which is the way most folks prefer it, but Worthington, Weaver and Lang still make strong impressions.

The movie received nine Oscar nominations but won just three – Best Art Direction, Cinematography and Visual Effects – and became the biggest box-office hit of all time.