Still reeling from David’s rejection – and his revelation that he’s engaged to Alicia – Priya smarts when Bernice foghorns their engagement in The Woolie. Having been recently jilted by the shopkeeper just before they were due to wed, it’s a real slap in the face for the barmaid, who’s since found out she’s pregnant with his child. Knowing Priya’s hurting, broody David worries his ex may use their child to hurt him.

In the pub, Moira has to get tough with her brother-in-law James. He needs to face facts about his farm, which has been repossessed. After fending off an over-friendly James, things get even more awkward for Moira when her nephews ask if they can move into Butler’s.

Jai wants to prove he’s still there for Noah, despite his split with Charity – but the furious single mum doesn’t want a piece of his input. Determined to keep Noah away from Jai, she refuses her ex’s offer of a trust fund for her boy. And Harriet starts as vicar as Ashley resigns.