Awkward! Joanie and Lisa run into each other

What will Lisa Dingle say when she runs into Joanie, the new Mrs Dingle?

It’s the morning after Zak’s wedding day and his ex-wife Lisa is suffering. Not only has she got a huge hangover, she’s gutted that Zak actually went along with it and married Joanie. After Chas has a word with Zak, he seeks out Lisa for a chat and tells her he’ll always be there for her. Later, the old Mrs Dingle and the new Mrs Dingle come face to face. The awkward encounter pushes Lisa to come to a bold decision – she’s going to ditch the ‘Dingle’ and revert back to her maiden name.

Andy’s lawyer Rakesh unwittingly shoots himself in the foot when he tells Chrissie he has suspicions about Lachlan. With that Chrissie, who’s framed Andy to save Lachlan, races up to the prison where she insists to Andy that she would know if her son tried to shoot Lawrence. Later, Chrissie comes up with another plan in a bid to secure Lachlan’s freedom.

Rhona urges Pierce to return his poker winnings, and is taken aback to receive an anniversary card from her estranged husband Paddy and decides to tackle the subject.