Ayesha and Sierra move out

Ayesha finds Bren unconscious next to some empty cans of cider. While she’s unloading shopping from the car, Ayesha hears Sierra scream. She rushes back inside to find Bren hugging Sierra hard. She tells Bren to leave but Bren refuses, saying it is her house. Ayesha takes Sierra and arranges to stay with a friend.

Kate and her son, Jack, are at home when they are confronted by Gareth Leonard. Kate shouts for Jack to call the police but Jack attacks Gareth. They are all taken to the police station and PC Miles reveals that Gareth had been sectioned 10 years ago for stalking Kate. Gareth reveals he has terminal bowel cancer and asks Kate for forgiveness but she refuses.

The staff are apprehensive about Valerie returning to the practice but a curious Niamh invites Val to her and Al’s Christmas party. Val gives Niamh a magazine and makes an inappropriate comment about Al. Niamh is freaked out and tells Al about the conversation. Al is horrified while Heston realises she’s up to her old tricks.