Ayesha breaks down

Ayesha bursts into tears at the funeral parlour

Valerie goes with Ayesha to the funeral directors so they can plan Bren a beautiful send off. The funeral director manages to put Ayesha at ease but, when she hears how much the funeral will cost, she’s left stunned. The funeral director suggests cheaper alternatives and a possible payment plan, but Ayesha feels offended and believes the funeral director is offering her those options out of judgement because Bren was a drug addict. She breaks down and explains her mother has been a victim of police brutality. Valerie calms Ayesha down and takes her home.

Later, Valerie explains to everyone at The Mill what happened at the funeral parlour. Emma suggests that everyone contributes a collection that can go towards the costs of the funeral. Will Ayesha be able to accept the kind and generous offer?

Also, Ruhma is still struggling to decide on a surname and suggests she and Heston make a decision together. However, when Al and Daniel decide to help in their search for the perfect surname, things go horribly wrong…