Ayesha turns up for work late, feeling rough after partying the previous night with Hayden. Meanwhile, Hayden’s full of energy and tries to persuade her to go out on the town again. She agrees if she can have that night to rest and recuperate. After everyone has gone, Hayden goes to the toilet and takes some drugs.

Rob takes overzealous recruit Martin out on his first patrol. While Rob is getting a coffee, Martin has an altercation with a man in a sports car. The driver, Jack Jamieson, son of a local villain, is incensed when Martin tries to arrest him. Later, Martin tells Rob he’s uncovered dodgy car dealings involving Jamieson and the pair go to confront him.

Howard receives big money offers for Al’s new app invention, but panics when he hears that Al is on his way to the post office with signed contracts from another firm who have offered less. He’s relieved when he discovers that Al hasn’t posted the contract, and agrees to consider the new offers.