Ayesha finds heroin in Ike’s room and calls Rob, saying that there’s a man with illegal drugs in her house. Ike gets angry and pushes her against the wall when Rob arrives at the front door. But Rob finds nothing as Ike has flushed all the evidence away.

Karen tells Jimmi there’s big money to make in stocks and shares investments. But when it falls, Karen calls Miles Lucas’s stocks and shares helpline and is confident that she will get her money back. Jimmi checks up on the website, and reveals a last-minute investment changed things. Karen is back in the black, though only enough for half a lager.

Pregnant Hattie and partner Kate visit Ruhma for a routine check-up. There is tension between them when Hattie reveals she has asked Gary, the sperm donor, to come today. Later, Ruhma hears screams of help from the toilet and finds Hattie collapsed. Ruhma tells Gary and Kate that the baby is fine, but that Hattie is dead.