Ayesha doles out relationship advice

Ayesha tells her friend Steph to give love a chance when a hot rock star comes on to her. But Steph’s worried that he isn’t ready to give up his touring lifestyle despite his insistence that he wants to be with her. He leaves and soon enough a businessman starts to flirt with Steph.

Zara arrives to work already stressed, and things only get worse as the day goes on. Emma offers a shoulder to cry on but Zara declines. After the stress of her work and home life gets too much, and Daniel isn’t available to unload on to, she takes up Emma on her offer thanking her for listening.

Jimmi tells Al that his trip to Seville was awkward and Heather seemed completely uninterested. Al insinuates he should maybe break it off, but Jimmi can’t bring himself to do it. But then Heather calls Jimmi and later that night she shocks him by telling him she’s pregnant.