Ayesha anxiously waits for news about the protest, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s the police and they inform Ayesha about the protest and deliver some shocking news about exactly what’s happened to Bren. Distraught by what she hears, Ayesha breaks down…

Meanwhile, it looks like Rob’s career is on the line. Emma questions him about events that have taken place but he can’t seem to remember anything. However, Emma’s not the only person who wants to have a chat with Rob, a Post-Incident Manager called Clive Davis and the IPCC all have questions for the policeman.

Later, Mrs Tembe breaks the news that Bren has died in police custody. When Karen hears the news, she races to be with Rob, while Emma tries to support Ayesha. Will Ayesha lean on anyone in her hour of need?