Ayesha has a date with Andy, Sierra’s social worker. They talk about the possibility of Tracey taking care of her full time. Ayesha is initially reluctant, but begins to become more convinced by the idea. Andy points out that, if that is what she wants, she’ll have to speak to her mother. 

Serena has an appointment with Zara and tells her that her ‘boyfriend’ Gary is a friend of her brothers. They were going to have a kid together, but she’s not sure now that he’s started going on dates. She’s realised she just wants a baby from him, not a relationship. Zara calls in Gary who explains he’s pulling out of the plan but Serena is determined to forge ahead.

Jimmi takes Al to a Bavarian bar and when the duo realise they’re both losers in love, they go on to get pretty tipsy. Meanwhile, Niamh and Emma go to a pottery shop, to get crafty and drink some wine. Though initially underwhelmed Niamh gets in to it. They too get a bit tipsy – two more failures in love.