Ayesha helps a cancer survivor

Gina breaks down and confirms Ayesha’s suspicions that she’s taking drugs to cope after surviving cancer. Ayesha says she can understand why she hasn’t told anyone about her cancer but, until she accepts what’s happened, she won’t be able to move on. Later, Al congratulates Ayesha for spotting the problem.

Mrs Tembe wants to know how the staff are getting on with their happiness goals. Sid confesses that he’d like to tackle his tendency to gabble head on and Mrs Tembe offers to do a role play to help him. Later, Sid thanks Mrs T and says he thinks she’s really made a difference.

Emma’s annoyed that Howard has rigid ideas about parenting, which won’t be sustained when he’s faced with his own child. The pair make up and Howard thinks they’re back on track – but later Emma tells him she wants to have a quiet night in… alone.