Ayesha helps a mother and daughter

Bridge tells Ayesha that her daughter Lily didn’t turn up for her music lesson, while Ayesha notices that nothing has been washed in the kitchen for at least a week. She finds a card, and wonders if Lily was making it. Bridge says it is for her son, Max, but that Lily wouldn’t know how to give it to him. Bridge tells Ayesha that she was in care when Max was born, and he was ripped away from her.

Lily goes to the Adoption Services with a letter to give to Max. Moira, working there, explains the situation to her, that though Max is 18 now, he has to want to read these letters. Ayesha confronts Bridge, telling her that she has passed her obsession with Max onto her daughter, and it isn’t healthy. Lily wanders around the city, lost and alone. Daniel and Zara, out for dinner, spot her and when Daniel takes her home, mother and daughter apologise to each other.

Meanwhile, Max picks up a letter from Public Health and begins to read…