Ayesha helps a troubled student

Ayesha helps a student when she discovers that he didn’t finish his course last year and is currently living on his overdraft to stay with a fellow student he fancies. She suggests that he should reapply, and offers to write a letter to the university outlining the problems he’s had with his health.

Niamh admits that she is finding the speed walking quite boring so Emma apologises, and says she has booked for them to take part in a fun charity event. She insists that it’s not an assault course but Daniel is amused to hear they are doing Challenge Max.

Andy sneaks out of the house, but Driver pulls up next to him and pulls him in to the car. Back at Rob’s house, Driver is frustrated that Rob didn’t trust her enough to tell her he was hiding Andy. She thinks they need find evidence of which police officer is helping the criminals and Andy would be the perfect bait.