Ayesha helps a young carer

Ayesha notices one of the nominees, Tom, is acting strangely at the Young Carer of the Year Awards. She soon realises he’s been trying to juggle his caring responsibilities with school life and has been bunking off. Ayesha tells Tom to talk to his mother and although he doesn’t want to stress her out he agrees.

Emma tells Ayesha it’s time she stopped cleaning up after them and it seems she’s taken Emma’s advice to heart, leaving Niamh with the washing up. Meanwhile, Howard asks why Jimmi hasn’t shown up for work and Al lies he’ll be in tomorrow. Later, Niamh tells Al if he needs to talk about Jimmi, she is there for him.

Zara goes to see Michael to have Joe’s development assessed and there’s a hint of chemistry between them. Zara is impressed by Michael’s thoroughness but he confesses that his interest isn’t totally selfless – he thinks Joe may be pertinent to his own research. Later, Zara relaxes on the sofa and smiles when she gets a text from Michael.