Masood is stunned as Ayesha tells him she has returned for him after learning that Zainab left him. When Carol turns up for her date with Masood she is shocked to see Ayesha and awkwardly decides to leave. Tamwar interrupts Masood talking to Ayesha and assumes there’s something going on between them. Masood tells Ayesha she can’t stay but she decides to go to the B&B.

Patrick feels he’s a burden to Kim and Denise after overhearing them arguing about whose turn it is to go out. A miserable Patrick tells them that he’ll be fine on his own for a few hours. Left alone in the house, Patrick pulls out his secret stash of rum. Struggling to open it, he drops it on the floor. As he tries to retrieve it, he falls from his wheelchair. Denise walks in to find Patrick on the floor, clutching his bottle of rum!

Kat flies out of the Vic following her run in with Alfie, closely followed by Jean. Bumping into Michael on the way home, she tells him that Alfie knows about their night together. When Kat gets home, Jean tries to talk to her about her self destructive behaviour. Meanwhile, Michael realises he needs to talk to Alfie about him and Kat but is thrown by Alfie’s reaction.

Also, a heartbroken Tanya tells Max that there’s nothing between them now.