Ayesha Lee tries to help Emma

Ayesha Lee talks to Sid about how they can help Emma out - but their good deed backfires

Ayesha Lee tells Sid her new guy is a bit boring, but Emma says she finds fault with every man she is with. Sid and Ayesha discuss whether or not Emma should keep the car, and they make a list. They conclude, and tell Emma, that she should keep the car. But how will Emma react?

Rob and Tyler go to a break-in and discover Barney is behind it. When Rob confronts him, Barney stumbles and Rob starts to worry. Tyler finds an aerosol can nearby, and tries to convince Barney that he can get through the need to abuse solvents. Back at home, will Rob tell Karen what happened?

Also, Valerie has to deal with a needy ex-colleague who appears to be stuck in a downward spiral.