Masood heads to the Vic after his outburst, followed by AJ, and opens his heart about his problems with Zainab. Meanwhile, Ayesha can’t stand Zainab’s treatment of Masood any longer and tells Zainab she’s in love with Masood and she knows he has feelings for her too. Zainab tells Ayesha to leave, but is rattled by Ayesha’s admission.

After Ayesha leaves the Square, Masood tries to bluster about Ayesha’s reason for going, not knowing Zainab knows the truth. Max follows a furious Abi home, pleading with her to hear him out. When Lauren finds out about Max getting back with Kirsty, there’s a huge row. Lauren asks Max if he’s in love with Kirsty. When Max hesitates before answering the girls angrily tell him to get out. Max is devastated that he may have lost his daughters as well as Tanya.

Bianca confronts Whitney about her engagement, telling her she’s too young and she’s throwing her life away. When Tyler arrives, he feels bad that their engagement has caused a rift in Whitney’s family. Later, Tyler gives Whitney an engagement ring to prove how serious he is about them. Also, Denise supports Lucy when she finds a lump in her breast.