Masood tells AJ that Ayesha has fallen in love with him. Amused, AJ says there’s no way an attractive young woman like Ayesha would fall for an ageing postie – she’s playing games! A mortified Masood hints to Ayesha he knows what she’s up to. He’s speechless when he later finds her wrapped in a towel as she seductively says she’s serious about wanting him!

Kat and Bianca face opposition over the new stall when the traders don’t want to work with Bianca. When Alfie finds an upset Kat he has a word with Ian to talk the traders round. A happy Kat takes a bottle of booze to the Vic as a thank you. She’s stunned to walk round the corner to discover Alfie proudly unveiling a new plaque for the Vic, with Roxy named as the co-licensee.

Michael has hired Alice to look after Scarlett. When she arrives for her first day at work, Michael is vague about what needs doing and rushes out. Michael is angry to return home and find Alice has tidied the house and done his filing. He reminds her she’s a nanny not a cleaner. Alice bursts into tears but reveals it’s not Michael’s harsh words – she’s missing her dad.