Ayesha offers Bren a place to stay

Ayesha thinks she knows how to deal with Bren, but she's in for a shock…

Bren has woken up and Ayesha decides that she should live with her and Tyler. Tyler agrees but, when he and Bren are left alone, he gives Bren some advice on what is best for Ayesha. Will Bren walk out of her daughter’s life again or will she stand up to Tyler?

When pictures of Rosie in the men’s changing rooms appear online, Max and his friends begin to label her ‘sex mad’ and claim that she’s constantly ‘gagging for it’. The vicious lies push Rosie to breaking point – but will she compromise her place at the university?

Also, Mrs Tembe helps a student find somewhere to live, whilst inadvertently giving her baking rival an advantage!