Ayesha strikes a pose

Model Jade is carried into the campus surgery by Santes, her photographer, who asks Ayesha to take part in the shoot. Jade is delighted but Mrs Tembe is appalled by Ayesha’s unprofessional behaviour. Back at the campus, Santes arrives and gives Ayesha a costume as a thank you for helping with the shoot. Ayesha is amazed but decides to give the garment to Mrs Tembe to raise money for a more worthy cause.

Al is concerned about Jimmi’s welfare and tries to air his concerns but Jimmi jumps on the defensive and insists that Al sits in on his consultations to make sure that he’s fit to practice. It’s excruciating but Al agrees.

Heston tactlessly points out Emma’s age, leaving her grossly insulted. He tries to make amends and after making him sweat, she accepts the apology. However, the damage is done and she’s been left wondering if she really is menopausal.