Ayesha offers to get Bren into rehab, but she needs to show she’s willing to change. Bren finally breaks down and pours her drink away. Ayesha assures her that, if she’s willing to try, she’ll have the full support of her and the rest of the family.

Heston tells Anthony he’d like to expand their minor surgery provision but Anthony blanks him – he’s looked into it already. Later, Heston asks Mrs Tembe what she thinks of Anthony before laying into him. But, just at that moment, Anthony walks into the room, leaving Heston red faced!

Logan’s girlfriend, Maya, is losing patience with him – he’s always out partying. Later, Logan spots Maya entering a flat with Johnny and takes a swing at him as Maya screams that he’s an estate agent and then storms off. Logan collapses and Al realises he has Vitamin D deficiency. He tells Logan to buck his ideas up  – giving Logan the push he needs to get his life back on track.