Ayesha tends to one of Emma’s patients by giving her a diabetes test. However, it doesn’t take long for Ayesha to realise that the patient, Diane, hasn’t been taking care of herself properly. Ayesha’s convinced that Diane needs to have a blood test, but Emma disagrees. So Ayesha goes behind Emma’s back and arranges a blood test anyway! When Emma finds out that Ayesha has disregarded her instructions she’s livid. She gives Ayesha a piece of her mind and tells Emma that she’s rubbish doctor who misses the signs. Emma’s hurt by her comments and Al witnesses the nasty exchange before it’s broken up by Mrs Tembe.

Concerned about Ayesha, Al confronts her and asks her if she really wants to stay at The Mill, considering she’s so unhappy. Ayesha’s furious with Al’s comments and tells him she’s moving out. Has Ayesha and Al’s friendship been damaged for good? And where will Ayesha stay?