Ayesha wants answers

Will Ruhma tell Ayesha the truth?

Ayesha spots Ruhma in a rough part of town, when she claimed to be working a shift in St. Phils hospital. Ayesha confronts Ruhma about her lies and forces Ruhma to tell her the truth. Ruhma finally relents and takes Ayesha to a rundown house where a group of Albanian women are living rough.

A young woman called Besa has fled her home in Albania after her father tried to force her to marry a rapist. However, Besa is pregnant with the rapist’s baby. Will Ayesha roll up her sleeves and help Ruhma treat these vulnerable women?

Meanwhile, it’s the second day in court for Zara, but has she helped or hindered the chances of justice for Reece’s murder?