As Ayesha, Emma and Rob come to terms with the outcome of the inquest, Rob gets a call to say that the investigation will officially conclude tomorrow. At The Mill, Ayesha is being civil to Emma – much to Emma’s surprise. Is Ayesha putting everything behind her – or is she hatching a new plan to get justice for Bren’s death?

Meanwhile, Zara is critical of Daniel’s methods to teach Joe how to ride a bike. In fact, she’s so vocal with her criticism, that Ruhma tells her to teach Joe herself if she thinks she can do a better job. When Zara starts to scoff at her suggestion, Ruhma wonders if Zara is hiding something. Could Ruhma be right?

Also, Al tells a patient with a severe toothache to see a dentist not a GP. Will Al’s harsh words for his patient, Raj, have tragic consequences?