There’s heart-stopping drama in the village when Nicola’s baby Angelica goes missing… Nicola takes her eye off her little girl for a minute while she’s talking to Laurel. When she turns back to her baby, she’s gone. Nicola’s convinced Carl’s kids Thomas and Anya have hidden Angelica out of spite. Her nightmare ends when Gennie turns up with Angelica, saying she found her near the graveyard. Would Thomas and Anya really do something so horrible? Or is there a much more likely candidate – no names mentioned, but psycho Sally is in the neighbourhood, remember…

And it’s definitely Sally who indulges in a bit of campanology. Ashley and Laurel hear the church bells ringing and rush inside but Sally has herself tucked away out of sight. She can hear Laurel talking about going to Devon, though, and you can almost hear her devious mind hatching a plan. It’s clear that the madwoman is playing with fire – she burns a picture of Ashley. But what else will she do?

At the Dingle homestead, Zak is struggling without Lisa and he takes it out on Olena. She decides she needs to make herself scarce and moves into Tall Trees cottage with Eli, Marlon and Lizzie… and there’s nothing poor Sam can do to stop her.

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