Baby Charlie is seriously ill

Worried that Nancy will call Sarah to make amends, Jake dunks her mobile in water and confiscates the house phone before heading out to work. Alone in the house with Charlie, Nancy worries he has a high temperature, but is horrified when he falls unconscious. Without a phone to call for help, she is forced to go to the village.

Charlie is taken to hospital where he’s treated for a chest infection. While Jake blames Nancy for allowing Charlie to get so sick, the doctor returns with the devastating news that Charlie has leukaemia and will need a bone marrow transplant.

Following the chaos of Charlie’s illness, Tom follows Newt and Lauren back to the Valentines, unseen by a distracted OB. While Newt and Lauren bond with Tom, OB and Summer frantically search for him in the village before calling the police.

Calvin takes Carmel on a day out to celebrate passing her PCSO exams and the pair get passionate in the police car. But Calvin worries when they head back to the village to find Tom missing.

Also, John-Paul is instantly smitten by Robin, The Dog’s new barman, but holds back from admitting his true feelings, convinced Robin is straight.

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