Jake, Frankie and Jack are frantic when they find Charlie gone with Jake and Frankie’s stolen car. Elsewhere, the car thieves are about to callously torch the car when they discover baby Charlie in the back seat. They flee the scene, and luckily Charlie is found safe and well, much to Jake’s relief. Later, when Calvin shows Jake a photograph of some potential suspects, he pretends not to recognise them, but is he hatching a revenge plan?

Over at Evissa, Louise is trying to juggle her flailing relationship with Calvin while fighting off Warren’s amorous attentions. Later, when it becomes obvious that things aren’t working, she and Calvin break up, and feeling hurt and vulnerable, she’s in no mood for Warren’s advances. She tells him in no uncertain terms that he’s to blame for ruining her relationship with Calvin.

Mournful John-Paul is still trying to hide his growing feelings for Craig and is frustrated when Sarah is the one who goes to comfort him during the missing baby Charlie crisis. But later when John-Paul and Craig have another heart to heart, John-Paul finds it tricky to hold back his true feelings.