Baby George is hurt!

Jodie takes George to the salon when Darren asks her to babysit. Jodie phones Darren in a panic and says she’s had to call an ambulance. Darren rushes over to the salon, closely followed by a worried Heather. George has been burnt with curling tongs and is being treated by a paramedic. Heather wants George back, but Darren is determined to keep him. Jodie tells Darren she’s not ready to be a stepmum and finishes with him!

Fatboy helps Lauren search for Whitney after learning about the evil Rob. When they arrive at Whitney’s bedsit they find Janine, who reveals Whitney has moved out. Lauren tells Max about Whitney and they break the news to the family. Janine reports Whitney missing. A furious Ricky warns Janine that if Whitney doesn’t come home it will be her fault.

Jay leaves his wallet in the launderette before his date with Abi after making a quick exit when Max comes in. Jay takes Abi to the chip shop, but they have to do a runner when he realises his wallet is missing. Abi and Jay are about to kiss, but quickly jump apart when they see a preoccupied Max. Luckily he doesn’t even notice them…