Rachel, who’s been worried about Jane’s unhealthy interest in Harry, reluctantly leaves the baby with Martha and Hugo to have some time with Tony. Tony confiscates Rachel’s mobile so she cant’ keep calling to check on the baby. Martha and Hugo have put Harry down for his nap but then hear noises coming from his room. Rushing in, they find the cot empty, the window open and the baby gone.

Having tipped Angelo off about the illegal abalone deal, Hugo is shocked to see Gibbsy at large. Gibbsy’s miffed too as Hugo didn’t turn up to take delivery of the abalone as arranged. Hugo says the deal is off, but Gibbsy won’t accept this, he wants his money and dumps the shellfish in Hugo’s boatshed. With Angelo having got the keys to the boatshed, it seems like Hugo is in hot water.

Ruby is seeking somewhere to stay the night and ends up at the beach house, where Geoff gives up his room for her. Geoff has problems too; he’s not coping with being strong for people since Belle’s death. When Ruby is about to head off the next day, Geoff says he fancies getting away too so they decide to leave together and make for the city.

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