Elle tracks Dylan down to his hotel hideaway where she’s stunned to find him playing doting dad to Sky’s baby. Dylan tells her he’s convinced baby Kerry is his, and he only took her in order to protect her from her troubled parents. When Elle fails to talk Dylan into returning the baby to Sky, she takes matters in her own hands, and anonymously returns her to the Bishop house herself.

Meanwhile, grief-stricken Sky is convinced baby Kerry is dead and checks herself out of hospital to return home, despite Harold and Karl’s concern. But when Janelle finds baby Kerry safely deposited on the doorstep, she’s thrilled to return her to Sky. Later, Sky is stunned when Dylan turns up to tell her he’s certain that he’s baby Kerry’s dad – not Stingray.

Stingray despairs when he returns home to be rejected by a fed-up Janelle. But he’s relieved to learn that baby Kerry has been found safe and well and resolves to quit the booze, and attends his first AA meeting.

Amidst the emotion of baby Kerry’s disappearance Loris’s affection for Harold grows, and Harold impulsively kisses Loris when his new great grand-daughter turns up on the doorstep.