Having arrived in London, Karl’s romantic efforts with Susan go disastrously wrong when he loses the engagement ring and Susan! But when it seems all hope is lost, Spice Girl Emma Bunton saves Karl’s bacon. Just as it looks like the couple are set for a romantic happy ending, Susan is furious to learn that Karl has booked them into a rowdy hostel full of Aussies, rather than the luxury hotel she was expecting.

Over at the Robinson retreat, Oliver is ignoring Carmella’s calls, and Elle deliberately scuppers her rival’s chances by chucking his mobile in the river. Meanwhile, Rosie convinces Carmella and Pepper to embark on a road trip to save Carmella’s romance. However, desperate Elle is so determined to win Oliver over, she ends up faking a horse riding accident to get his attention.

Abby tells Toadie she knows he’s been chasing Steph and ends their relationship, telling him she’s not prepared to be his consolation prize. But Toadie decides he’s not ready to let Abby go, and offers her a job as his legal secretary as well as a fresh start in their relationship.

Also, Pepper impresses Rosie with her new tough attitude towards men. But she changes her stance after receiving another gift from her secret admirer.