Back in Business

Orson is feeling the burden of Bree’s success, particularly when she’s named Business Woman of the Year. He’s also having trouble finding a new job, so suggests to Bree that he works for her and she eventually relents, much to Katherine’s annoyance.

At the Business Woman of the Year dinner, Lynette discovers that Bree’s advertising company is owned by her former colleague. Upset at the thought that he’s such a success and she’s not, Lynette gets drunk and causes a scene with Bree.

Wanting to play a bigger role in his son’s life, Mike buys MJ a new bike but, by the time he’s able to come round to instruct him, Jackson has already taught him how to ride. Not wanting to see Mike’s feelings hurt, Susan tells her son to pretend he hasn’t learned yet and to take some spills. Unfortunately, this results in MJ spraining his arm and, when the truth comes out, Mike determines to try to live closer to his son.

Meanwhile, Dave shows his angry side when Edie suggests they buy Mary Alice’s old house to rent out. But when he hears that Mike is looking for a place in Wisteria Lane, he buys the house and arranges an amazing rental deal for Mike. He insists, however, that no one knows that he and Edie are the landlords – especially Mike!

And Gabrielle’s plans to improve her love life are foiled when Juanita walks in on her in the throes of passion…