Back off Lloyd!

Relationship issues abound in the ED as a broken-hearted Dylan finds it impossible to work with Sam and Lloyd’s jealousy infuriates Scarlett!

There are fireworks between Lloyd and Scarlett after she rushes into work late and hungover. She accuses him of being jealous and reminds him that their relationship is only meant to be fun. It’s clear he has strong feelings for her, however, because when Scarlett later hugs a depressed visitor to the hospital he accuses her of acting inappropriately!

Lloyd is left feeling extremely guilty, though, especially after Andy tells him how depressed he is after his girlfriend left him and took their child with her. Scarlett was only trying to cheer him up.

Elsewhere, following last week’s revelations, an extremely grumpy Dylan is finding it impossible to work alongside Sam. Forced to liaise over a disabled patient and his over-protective daughter, the two come to an uneasy truce to get to the bottom of the case. But the tension proves too much for Sam and she makes an impulsive decision…

It’s also decision time for Lenny when he receives a tempting job offer from London. He thinks it could be time for him to pack up his medical bag and leave Holby for the Big Smoke!