Further Back in Time for Dinner

Giles Coren fronts the show that explores the evolution of the nation’s eating habits

Under the watchful eye of presenter Giles Coren, dad Brandon, mum Rochelle and children Miranda, Rosalind and Frederick are embarking on a tasty new culinary adventure, rolling back the years even further to learn about the evolution of the nation’s eating habits.

They begin in 1900, moving on a year each day, and set up home in a decked-out house in Tooting, South London. They’re shocked to discover that it comes with a maid, Debbie, who will be doing all their cooking and cleaning.

From eight-course dinners to a music-hall-style singalong led by Chas & Dave, the Robshaws are in for a roller-coaster ride… and a LOT of meat. Lamb chops for breakfast, anyone?