A bank robbery’s violent aftermath leaves sole survivor Matthew Modine with amnesia.

Seven years later, an enigmatic trio posing as a prison nurse (Meadow Williams), a security guard (Tyler Jon Olson) and an inmate (Ryan Guzman) spring him from custody, determined to prise the whereabouts of the missing loot from his damaged mind.

However, veteran local cop Sylvester Stallone and FBI agent Christopher McDonald are on their trail, as are several shadowy and unsavoury figures.

The high-concept plot of this low-budget B-movie thriller could hardly be more contrived, yet the film proves modestly enjoyable.

True, Stallone has a surprisingly small role given his lead billing and the plot does fall apart at the end. But until then Modine holds things together with a solid, sympathetic performance as the painfully baffled protagonist.

This movie premieres on Sunday 19th May.