Bob receives a letter saying that Andy and Daz’s dad Billy has been granted parole and he decides to keep it from Viv, worrying that news of her former husband’s killer may affect her nerves and her pregnancy. Kelly finds out and confronts Bob when she realises that Bob could have prevented Billy from returning to the village if Viv had registered her objection and she demands that he tells Viv and the family.

Matthew schemes to keep Vaughan away from Rosemary when he tells Barraclough that he’s going to make an official complaint about the copper consorting with a murder suspect. Barraclough tells Vaughan of Matthew’s threat and he agrees to back off for the sake of the investigation.

Andy struggles with news of dad Billy’s release from prison and takes his anger out on Katie. Jo tries to ease the tension at Butler’s and tells Andy that he should have it out with Billy and tell him to stay away. Andy is grateful for Jo’s wise words and she’s thrilled that he’s relying on her for support and not Katie.