Convinced that Cain still has stolen King money, Carl is determined to take it back. Cain’s not just going to give him the key to his storage unit, though, so Carl decides to break into Tug Ghyll and get it. But Charity catches him red-handed. He tells her he knows exactly where Cain’s money is and Charity starts to show an interest. Well, it is a lot of money. Will she betray Cain after he has agreed to give her a second chance?

Edna gets a shock when she returns home to find her new houseguest, Sally, cowering from her husband, Vincent. Edna threatens to call the police so Vincent leaves, but not before he tells Sally he won’t give up on her. Sally suggests to a shaken Edna that she moves out because of the trouble she’s caused but Edna won’t hear of it. She might change her mind, though, after Sally goes for a walk and someone throws a brick through her window…

Elsewhere, Nikhil and Jai are throwing a housewarming party and Leyla’s looking forward to going, especially as Nathan’s said he won’t be there. Then he says he’s changed his mind and he’s looking forward to some fun. But at whose expense?

*Second episode, 8pm*

Money talks – nonstop in Charity’s case. Trapped by Charity in Tug Ghyll, Carl offers her 20 per cent of whatever he gets out of Cain’s secure storage unit but she laughs at him. She does let him out the back, though, as Cain and Debbie walk through the front door. Later, in The Woolpack, Cain humiliates Charity in front of Carl and Chastity, and Charity makes a decision: talking quietly to Carl at the bar, she does a deal with him for 50 per cent of whatever money he steals from Cain. A pact has been made with the devil – but who’s wearing the horns?

Over at a distressed Edna’s cottage, Ashley and Laurel are shocked by her broken window. They hear that Vincent’s been around and assumptions are made about him being the one who threw the brick. But are they right? Sally begs Ashley not to call the police, insisting Vincent needs help and, more concerned than ever, Ashley insists she move back into the vicarage for her own safety. Will Vincent ever be able to convince people of his innocence?

Can Mark convince Faye that he won’t leave Natasha? And, after kissing Jai, will Faye care?

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