Bad Heston strikes again!

Outside The Mill, Ed’s hallucination ‘Bad Heston’ is still urging him to kill Heston, and Ed soon becomes plagued by two ‘Bad Hestons’, working as good cop/bad cop. As Rob, Elaine and Heston try to talk Ed out of his psychosis, Ed barges Heston and Elaine into a consulting room and barricades himself in with them. As Rob tries to get in, Ed looms over Heston brandishing a weapon. At that moment, Elaine strikes Ed with a fire extinguisher. Heston is saved – but what about Ed?

Later, Heston asks Elaine out for dinner and she accepts, insisting they go Dutch this time. Heston crumbles, clearly angling for a date.

Elsewhere, Imogen and Ryan go on another date and Ryan tells her she needs to stop stealing. She agrees, touched by his concern, but sneakily pockets some chocolate right under his nose.

And Cherry continues to worry about what to cook for Zara, forcing Jimmi to buy recipe books.

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