A cocky petty thief (Robert Sheehan) comes up against an evil adversary (David Tennant) in this twisty thriller.

Sheehan has a good scam going with his hot-headed pal (Carlito Olivero). Sheehan uses his valet parking gig at a downtown Italian restaurant in Portland, Oregon as an opportunity to burgle his clients’ homes while they are dining, with help from the GPS in the borrowed cars.

He gets a shock, however, when he breaks into the house of sneering, Maserati-driving Tennant and discovers a terrified young woman (Kerry Condon) chained up inside…

The ensuing action is slick and suspenseful – with Sheehan proving to be a good guy at heart, while Tennant stands revealed as a psychopathic monster.

Just how nasty he turns out to be threatens at times to tip the movie over the edge. Still, Sheehan makes a sympathetic anti-hero, while Tennant relishes the chance to deliver a heady blast of nostril-flaring villainy.

This film is showing from Sunday 23 February.