Badly beaten Bailey dumps Belle!

At Bailey’s hospital bedside, Belle is distraught to see how badly he’s been beaten up by her brother. Though she insists love will conquer all, the doctor isn’t so sure and when he’s discharged to find he’s been sacked and ditched by his wife, Bailey tells Belle they’re through!

As her lover drives off, Belle is furious and wants revenge on Lachlan and Cain for ruining her romance. Will she break the Dingles’ family code to get it?

Wanting a fix, Holly takes drugs off her dealer, promising to pay him by selling some out of Victoria’s street food van. But, later, Holly is stricken with guilt about the plan and calls her dealer Simon to tell him she’s changed her mind and wants to return the pills.

Emma’s upset when she hears Pete is moving out of home on account of her lying about having motor neurone disease. Will Vanessa allow Pete to move in to her place?