*Second episode*

Dr Bailey just can’t keep away from Belle. Despite him being married, her being 17 and after all the aggro she’s recently caused him with his wife, the doctor wants to continue their secret romance. And a cosy date together simply leaves him further under her spell.

At Home Farm, Ronnie Hale has arrived and Lawrence pales when he hears it’s not his first visit. When Lawrence writes Ronnie a cheque as payment to stay out of their lives, the plumber rips it up. Bernice is convinced Ronnie Hale is Chrissie’s biological dad, and Chrissie is desperate for Lawrence to tell her the truth. Will he?

With Gordon’s letter for Aaron burning a hole in Robert’s pocket, Robert’s relieved when unaware Aaron announces he never wants to see his dad again. Robert decides he’s going to set fire to the letter without telling Aaron about it. Liv and Aaron agree not to attend Gordon’s sentencing hearing. But is wayward Liv’s word to be trusted?

Elsewhere, Ross reckons he and Finn are more than capable of starting a taxi firm together, and tells his little brother to encourage Pete to take his new job in Scotland.