Unemployed ex doctor Bailey’s got big news. He’s landed a new job. Thing is, it’s in America and he doesn’t want to leave without girlfriend Belle! With Zak hopeful his daughter is on the verge of turning her life around, Belle makes a huge decision that is sure to send her family reeling. She’s going to move to the States with Bailey!

With Belle recovering from a serious mental illness, will her family respond well to the plan?

With Jimmy and Nicola at loggerheads, Laurel takes action. But when the vicar’s wife locks Nicola in the pirate ship, in a bid to force her to talk to her husband, will it be a success?

Elsewhere, Pete’s furious with his mum when he learns Emma’s helped Finn track down Kasim, the stranger her son’s become obsessed with since he rescued him from the Emmerdale car smash.