Bailey chooses Callum over Rani

Forced together for the CPR course, Callum and Bailey are uncomfortable at first, but both make an effort to keep things civil. They fall back into old friendship patterns for a brief moment, before Rani arrives and things get tense again. Later, a frustrated Rani suggests she and Bailey are now free to start dating, but Bailey won’t do that to Callum – as far as he’s concerned, he and Rani are just friends.

Toadie’s concerned by the amount of time and effort Sonya is investing in Walter. He holds back from saying anything, until his romantic lunch with Sonya is gate-crashed: Sonya has invited Walter, Susan and Karl, eager for them all to meet.

Toadie’s frustrated and Walter senses the tension, so excuses himself. Sonya’s annoyed at Toadie, but Toadie may have good reason to be wary of Walter…

Josh confides in Imogen about Don’s ultimatum. Imogen’s annoyed that Josh is about to dump her friend, but urges Josh to break up with her ASAP to spare her any further pain. Josh tries to call it off, but his attraction to Amber scuppers his plans and instead he decides to continue dating her, but keep it a secret from Don. Imogen is convinced it’s going to end in tears.