Bailey wants to confess

Mason persuades a reluctant Kate to drive him to the police station – he has to stop Bailey before he confesses his role in the robbery in Mount Isa. Bailey waits patiently at the police desk as the constable deals with business and, just as he is about to make a statement, Mason rushes in and comes up with a story about a missing tomcat, ushering Bailey out as he speaks. He explains to his brother that Rhiannon was responsible for the letter and Bailey makes it clear he has to dump her.

Later, Mason tells Rhiannon that they can’t be together and she needs to go back to Mount Isa. Rhiannon, however, explains she can’t go home – she just used the last of her money in renting her room. Then, to make matters worse, Rhiannon sees Mason flirting with Kate and when she bumps into her at Harold’s she makes Kate realise she’s not just another girl to Mason.

Paul sees Rani at the scene of her mother’s death and realises she’s not coping well at all. He tells Kate, who suggests to Ajay that it’s time for Rani to see a counsellor. Also, Paul suggests to Ajay that they pursue their claims against the gas bottle company together. Ajay, however, will have none of it.