Bailey invites Jayden over but when Josie shows up, things quickly deteriorate. Bailey makes every attempt to talk through his relationship with Josie, but is thwarted by Jayden at every turn. When an increasingly tipsy Bailey takes out his frustrations on Josie, a shoving match with Jayden ensues and a disgusted Josie leaves. Later, Callum finds Bailey asleep on the couch with an empty cup that had alcohol in it and realises Bailey’s problems are more serious than he thought.

Disgusted by the lack of progress in Kate’s murder case, Paul pushes aside his animosity to ask Brennan for help. When he impresses Brennan with how desperately he wants justice for Kate, Brennan reluctantly agrees.

While searching for an internet date, Naomi comes across a man who seems a perfect match for Sonya. She sets up a date and begs Sonya and Toadie to come along for moral support – secretly hoping Sonya will be drawn to her ‘perfect guy’. It soon becomes clear that her date lied on his profile, but Naomi turns this to her advantage when Sonya gets embroiled in a slanging match with her date.

Seeing Toadie’s embarrassment Naomi plays up her disappointment at having yet another disaster date. Later, Toadie and Sonya bicker at home and Naomi’s sense of satisfaction grows.