Bailey’s secret drinking is exposed

After Paige’s outburst, Lauren asks Amber outright if she feels neglected, and Amber ends up revealing Bailey’s secret. Lauren and Matt confront Bailey, asking him about his drinking and whether he took the money from the till. Later, Matt reveals a family secret to Bailey – Bailey’s grandfather is an alcoholic. Meanwhile, Lauren asks Paige why she protected Bailey and convinces her to come back to work.

Amber and Daniel continue to feel the spark of attraction – making their ‘friendship’ quite the challenge. Plus, with Bailey’s continued drinking coming to light, Amber needs a shoulder to lean on, and Daniel is there for her. She becomes overwhelmed and flees back to Josh – but then lies to him about where she’s been.

Sonya and Toadie are still struggling to get used to Callum’s absence. Later, at the nursery, with Josie and new recruit Ben on the job, the conversation seems to solely focus on Callum. Later, Toadie finally admits to Sonya how much he’s struggling and the couple agree to be there for each other.

Karl’s thrilled to learn Paula Abdul – his ‘celebrity pardon’ – is in Erinsborough. Susan is completely unthreatened, but when Sheila spots Karl and Paula heading into the hotel together, Susan has a brief moment of doubt.