Bailey’s wife finds out about his affair!

*First episode*
Lachlan’s left worried when he sends Cain the incriminating photos of Belle and Bailey together, unsure what Cain will do next. After telling Lachlan the less he knows the better, furious Cain heads over to the surgery where he lies in wait for the married doctor.

Soon enough, Bailey turns up with his wife Angie, and reels as Cain confronts him about sleeping with Belle. Thinking fast, Bailey tries to turn the situation around by telling Cain that Belle is his stalker not his lover! Will Bailey’s whopping great lie have saved his marriage?

Jacob is terrified when he learns cancer patient David’s white blood cell count is down due to the chemotherapy, meaning the shopkeeper is at greater risk of catching a potentially lethal infection.

Elsewhere, Chas asks DS Wise out on a date, and Robert gets heavy with Noah about the fake internet account he set up so he could bully Liv.