The fiendish culinary contest returns with a revamped format and a new host with Angus Deayton

The hilariously dry Angus Deayton takes over from Tom Kerridge to host this second series.

In this opening heat, five teams of chefs hit the ground running with the first challenge: two types of mini patisserie, 36 of each, in three hours!

It’s not long before chaos reigns, but there’s no use crying over spilt crème pat.

The chefs must keep their strength up for their next task, a peach Melba showpiece, and judges Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden are in no mood for nonsense.

Who will melt under pressure?

And who makes a treat that Cherish calls ‘the highlight of my day’?!

Only four teams can go through to the next heat… Deliciously tense!