Banksy and Webb investigate a fire

A hungover Mickey Webb is asked to investigate a mysterious fire at the house of an old acquaintance, Brendan Moody. Brendan’s son, Kelvin, tells Mickey that Brendan is dying of cancer. Dismayed, Mickey decides that the fire must have been an accident – until he comes across a desperate message from Brendan, left the night before.

Smug Richard Stirling, Brendan’s landlord, is called in for questioning by Mickey and Banksy. Frustratingly, they have to let him go, but not before Mickey has cast an eye over Stirling’s tough solicitor, Naomi. Mickey is stunned when Banksy tells him that Naomi is his wife.

Back at the scene of the fire, CSE Eddie Olosunje has made a nasty discovery. He leads Banksy down to the basement, where by the light of his torch he finds the remains of a decomposed body…