Banksy draw his own conclusions

Some people attract trouble the way a flame attracts moths. Joseph Sissoulu and Mo Campbell seem to be the kind of people who get burned…

A month ago, they were helping the Sun Hill officers investigate the murder of Danny Sissoulu – Joseph’s son and Mo’s best friend. They’re both still angry and grieving when their names come up in a new murder investigation.

Sgt Callum Stone and Pc Ben Gayle respond to an emergency call about an assault at a newsagency. When they get there, they find a gruesome scene: the body of the shop owner, Mr O’Halloran, who has been beaten to death. Who did it? A junkie needing money for a fix? A sore loser in the Lottery?

DC Jacob Banks discovers that the call was made on Joseph Sissoulu’s mobile phone. Banksy was the Family Liaison Officer for the Sissoulus when Craig Middleton murdered their son. He visits the family and Joseph tells him he bought the phone for Mo Campbell, Danny’s friend. Next stop, Mo and, yes, he tells Banksy, he did make the call because he heard a cry for help as he was passing the shop. Trouble is, his fingerprints are at the scene of the crime.

Mo’s friend, Devon Marshall, tells the police that O’Halloran was a racist who got what he deserved. And Mo eventually confesses to killing the shopkeeper. But is he telling the truth? Banksy’s not so sure…

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